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BAM Construction Ltd

About This Project

Pre-Construction Partners with BAM Construction Ltd | North East


BAM recognise that for most clients, a new or refurbished building is a means to an end, not an end in itself and that building are there to improve the experiences of the people who use them: employees, customers, pupils, travellers, patients.

Building in the UK since 1874, BAM Construction’s goal is to be a high performing business and they want to do that by working collaboratively with clients and supply chain partners so that everyone wants to work with BAM again and again.


Collaborative Partnership


“Everyone who works for BAM around the world is guided by four values that help us to deliver the best building for the people who use them.  Perspectives really understand that a great cultural fit is the bedrock of any collaborative partnership and like BAM, Perspectives.


  • Deliver what they promise, on time and on budget: predictable performance
  • Take the initiative to prevent problems and deliver quality:  proactive ownership
  • Share knowledge with our project partners so that everyone gains: open collaboration
  • Ask, listen and learn, and transfer learning from project to project to keep finding better ways of doing things and upskill our people in the process: scalable learning

Perspectives have added exceptional value to our work winning proposition and team.”


Steve Wheller – Design & Planning Director – North East | BAM Construction Ltd

Pre-Construction Services