Perspectives Limited | NWCH Medium Value Framework
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NWCH Medium Value Framework

About This Project

£1.90bn NWCH Medium Value Framework

Established in 2009, in response to Central Government’s drive to improve efficiencies within the public sector the £1.90bn, NWCH Medium Value Framework is the framework of choice for Harry Fairclough Construction (HFC).

Focused on achieving best value on NWCH Low Value Framework for clients through transparent and sustainable procurement, HFC has created long-term relationships with clients, professionals and NWCH and HFC is delighted to achieve Medium Value Framework status in the third generation of NWCH.

Like HFC, Perspectives has shared objectives and common core values built on long-term relationships with contractors.

“Part of our 5 year business plan, Perspectives imaginative and creative vision enabled us to achieve NWCH Medium Value Framework success for the first time and brings SME competition to a host of incumbent NWCH tier 1 contractors.

Just like the DWP High Value Framework bid which Perspectives led for us NWCH is an intrinsic part of planned growth and will provide access to numerous opportunities and clients over the next five years.”

Martin Budden, Harry Fairclough Construction


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