Perspectives Limited | Quintain Wembley Park
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Quintain Wembley Park

About This Project

Quintain Wembley Park


Quintain are currently delivering one of Europe’s biggest regeneration projects, the Wembley Park Masterplan,. The Masterplan marks the next phase of transformation of the land around the national stadium from a world class events destination to thriving London neighbourhood, with an exciting combination of new homes, iconic venues, great shops and workspaces.

In 2016 Quintain selected Wates and three other main contractors to support and deliver the development. The Framework not only generates competition but also creates a platform to share best practice and lessons learned.

Perspectives supported the Wates preconstruction team to refine and perfect their successful first stage proposal and presentation for Plot E01&02. The £150m project lies adjacent to the national stadium and will provide 633 new homes and large commercial spaces.


The Perspectives Influence


“Perspectives became an integral part of the Wates team in the final throws of our first stage submission. Mark and Julie spent time talking through our proposal and were able to identify and accentuate the unique factors that ultimately won the job.

Mark has the fantastic ability identify client objectives and tease out details in your proposal to match their aspirations. His passion is infectious and he can twist “builders” words into client focused messages.

One of the key challenges we set Perspectives was to prepare us for the post tender interview. Julie spent time with the team to understand our proposal and identify our individual strengths. She then used this learning to set and facilitate a workshop to further develop and refine our presentation.

Julie filled the team with confidence and provided each team member the skills they need to effectively deliver their message. She quickly adopted an individual approach for each “presenter” and was able to bring the best out of them. Julie quickly cut through ‘waffle’ and ensured points were delivered effectively and with meaning.”


Mike Bilko Bid Director Wates