Perspectives Limited | Perspectives Process
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A process driven and structured approach to bidding and tendering

Providing a complete work winning perspective and bid services which works for you;


Gets your business in the best position to win

Ensures your staff are fit enough for the task ahead

Develops a winning campaign for your business-critical opportunities


A process driven and structure approach to bidding and tendering which we know works is coupled with an objective pair of eyes that will support your company and significantly enhance your rate of success by highlighting client Benefits, showing Affinity with your customers, provided Solutions to their needs and outlining the compelling Evidence which sets you apart from your competitors.

Together we work to win

Customers and partners have driven Perspectives to the forefront of the construction work winning services industry, as our unique approach and menu allows you to, design a bespoke work winning process which works for you and is aligned to industry best practice.


A flexible approach tailored around your needs for each bid, with clear inputs and outputs agreed.


Providing a work winning process which works for you in terms of:

Position to win

Intelligent Positioning – bid less and win more

The humanity of bidding

Busting the myths

Networking with purpose

Strategic thinking - how to do it and use it

Fitness to win

The psychology of high value sales

Whole Brain Presenting

The six E’s of personal effectiveness

The anatomy of enthusiasm – connecting with your MOJO

Courageous conversations – the art of raising and resolving tricky stuff

The win campaign

Campaigns with purpose

Writing great bids - Whole Brain Thinking, BASE, RDS and other winning tools

Collaborative working – the good, the bad and the profit

Pitching without pitching

Optimising your thinking – playing to strengths and accessing ‘extras’